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American Empire map table originally from the library at Virginia Military Academy. Deaccessioned from VMI recently, it has been expertly conserved and refinished and is in virtually new condition despite the fact that it’s well over 125 years old. Two pillars are joined by a stylized cross stretcher and support the large ovoid surface with a deep (7”) apron. Black walnut, American, circa 1870. 

VMI was founded in 1839 and is the oldest state supported senior military college in the United States. It’s graduates rank among the most esteemed in American military history including Nobel prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, Rhodes scholars, Academy award winners and, notably, General George Marshall, the highest ranking Army General in WWII. 

The architects of 20th century history may well have studied at this table. Perhaps you will, too.

29”h x 89”l x 44”w