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This is a magnificent Art Deco bar in mahogany with burl mahogany accents.  This is a very rare bar built by the Robert Brand company of Oshkosh, WI.  It has freeform curves and makes a beautiful focal point.

Made from burl maple and mahogany (back and front) it was made in 1936 right after the prohibition and in the middle of the depression for a private club in Wisconsin. The bar has fat columns on each end which are accented with a cobalt mirror. This extraordinary bar also has tiny blue lights that reflect on the burl under the front bar. The canopy is mirrored and down the top columns, which gives it a very glitzy effect. The front bar is connected on each end and passes through a lift up section. Since the bar was at a large private club with proximity to Lake Geneva this became a popular hangout for the rich and famous folks as well as the Chicago mob. For being over 80 years old, the condition is unbelievable and hard as a rock!

This bar measures approximately 33 feet long and overall approximately 9 feet tall.